CircusWe all love to be unique in our costume and one sweet feature about the Circus costume is that it allows you to feel captivating, ravishing and wicked all in just one body. The costume in itself is cool, lovely and elegant when the cicus environment is in play. The circus figure is something that kids always find attractive and appealing, maybe you just need to spice up that birthday or event with something that is unique and pleasing to the eye or a circus costume that the kids love and are happy to have around. Here is the good news, World Class Costumes are the specialists, it doesn't really matter if you want an impressive circus costume or something that would be affordable as well as serve the purpose, our job is to make you realise that you and your kids deserve the best available at our disposal. The circus section on our page provides so much designs and costumes that we have made and produced, so give your eyes the feast they would relish and get back to us on your choice and design. You could even request for a personal treat, customized just for you. We would love to make your day and help you realise that being special comes with letting the experts take care of your costumes

Mardi Gras Sweetie
Harlequin Clown
Deviant Darling
Wicked Trickster
Ravishing Ring Master
Delightful Circus Clown
Pierrot Clown
Circus Damned
Celestial Circus Babe
Miss Clowning Around
Circus Cutie
Big Top Babe
Captivating Circus Cutie
Devious Jester
Marvelous French Mime
Playful Jester Babe
Mischievous Jester
Evil Villainous
Sassy Ring Leader
Creepy Clown
Night Ringmaster
Darling Lion Tamer
Marvelous Mime
Curt Jester Cutie
Rascal Jester
Villainous Vixen
Pretty Parisian Clown
Killer Sewer Clown