Fairytale & Fantasy

Fairytale & FantasyMaybe it is a Princess or a Damsel in distress, a fiery godmother or a smoking enchantress, that scary witch or a desert beauty, whenever you need to tap into the wide and expansive fairytale world; we have you covered with a wide array of perfect fitting, quality costumes that bring art to life. Made by word class specialists, our dresses are closely designed to taste, with great attention to detail. Suitable for all kinds of occasions: Halloween Parties, Plays, Costume Parties, Carnivals and even personal Use. Our beautiful fairytale costumes will have you snuggled in comfortably and flexible. And will have you feeling great about yourself and your outfit while immersing you completely in a different world of possibilities and beauty. Even if for a day, we all deserve to be Princesses too. We pride ourselves in making the absolute quality in all areas. And from an in-depth and childhood passion of reading and watching these beautiful stories that bring smiles to our faces while imparting us with ideas. We have decided to bring these costumes to life with utmost devotion and skill and offer to people like us out there at an affordable price. Quality is the keyword here; feel free to browse through our catalogue of fairytale costumes. With each telling a personal and unique story in different colors and sizes, perfectly sewed by the seams for your body, it is no wonder we remain a favourite among our distinguished clientele. At WorldClassCostumes, we maintain a top of the line standard with an elegant touch, grounding fairytale in reality. And all this we do at the best prices possible. Quality, we guarantee it.

Desert Beauty
Arabian Beauty
Rainbow Fairy
Woodland Fairy
Classic Pink Princess
Sunflower Princess
Pink Princess
Sleeping Princess
Classic Red Riding
Deluxe Snow White
Classic Alice
Captivating Miss Red
Classic Snow White
Storybook Snow White
Storybook Village Beauty
Rebel Alice
Woodland Red Riding
Slipper-less Sweetie
Enchanted Alice
Fairytale Snow White
Gothic Red Riding Hood
Rebel Riding Hood
Hypnotic Miss Alice
Racy Red Riding Hood
Charming Alice
Queens Card Guard
Pretty Playing Card
Psychedelic Alice
Tick Tock White Rabbit
Deluxe Mad Hatter
Wonderland Chess Queen
Delightful Alice
 Deluxe Queen of Hearts
Royal Queen
Card Guard
Delightful Hatter Evil Enchantress
Deadly Dark Queen
Cruel Diva Deluxe Evil Queen
Bewitching Evil Queen
Darling Robin Hood
Classic Robin Hood
Rebel Robin Hood
Kansas Sweetie
Rebel Red Huntress
Sexy Miss Snow
Bell Of The Ball
Enchanting Princess
Beastly Beauty
Wonderland Alice
Wonderland Mad Hatter
Wonderland Rabbit
Rebel Red Queen
Oasis Princess
Poisonous Villain
Lethal Hottie
Deadly Kiss Vixen
Return to Wonderland Alice Liddle
Little Red Rider
Classic Cinderella
Pretty Pixie
Bombshell Babe
Card Queen
Dalmatian Dame
Sea Witch
Wicked Sorceress
Giddy Up Cowgirl
Ravishing Robin Hood
Spider Queen
Diva Castle Princess
Queen Of Darkness
Sexy Ivy Maiden
Gorgeous Green Thumb Mistress
Wicked Queen
Vengeful Fairy
As Mad As A Hatter
Party Tease
Tea Party Vixen
Sultry Heartless Queen
Deluxe Enchanting Queen Of Hearts
The Red Diva Chappe
Lusty LiL Red
Pure As Snow
Foxy Fairy Tale Cutie
Beautiful Princess
Stroke Of Midnight Maiden
Mischievous Fairy
Rabbits Lover
Irresistible Ivy
Peasant Sleeping Princess
Peasant Cinderella
Fairytale Flirt
Naughty Napping Princess
Storybook Bombshell
Babe In A Bottle
Dreamy Genie
Devilish Diva
Wonderland Queen
Classic Mad Hatter